Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find levels to scan?

  1. On the and Reddit fan site
  2. On the official Facebook and Twitter pages
  3. On TouchArcade's game and development forum
  4. Do a Twitter search for #mekorama

How do I scan levels from mobile Facebook / Twitter?

  1. Tap photo to zoom it
  2. Long-press and tap "Save photo"
  3. In Mekorama tap Scan Image Button and select the image

How do I scan levels from another device?

  1. In Mekorama tap Scan Camera Button
  2. Aim camera at QR code
  3. (On Android, tap to snap and accept photo)

How do I fix "Scan Error: The QR code could not be read?"

  1. Scan Camera Button Move your device to make the QR code bigger in the photo
  2. Scan Camera Button Move your device, or tap its screen, to refocus the camera and make the QR code sharper
  3. Scan Image Button Tap the image to zoom it to full size before saving it
  4. Scan Image Button If you can't long-press and save the image, pinch to zoom in on the QR code and grab a screenshot

How do I post a level I made?

You can post your level anywhere you can post an image, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, email, IM, or the fan sites listed above. You could even print your level on a paper and send it via snail mail!

Only I can post levels on the official Facebook and Twitter pages. The best way to get featured there is to submit your level to and get a good user rating.

How do I solve level X?

Tap Pause and "Show hint?" to get help! If you're still stuck, try searching YouTube for a walkthrough, e.g. "Mekorama Level 19".

I'd like to report a bug. The robot fell off the level.

The little robot is a real physical object. As such it can fall off platforms if pushed. I consider this a feature, not a bug. :) In fact, as you'll see later in the game, it can be used as a puzzle design element.

Will you add feature X?

I can't promise to add X. But you requesting X certainly makes it more likely. Also, I am now thinking of adding X to my next game because I know users will ask for X if I don't.

What game engine does Mekorama use?

I wrote the engine myself, from scratch, in C. It is cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows, OSX), uses OpenGL for graphics, and integrates the Bullet Physics library.

What development tools do you use?

I use Emacs for programming, Blender for 3D modeling, Pixelmator for 2D art, and Audacity for sound editing.

How long did the development take?

I worked 17 months of 60+ hour weeks.

How can the download size be so small?

Mekorama's is highly optimized for size. I don't add anything unnecessary, either to the game engine or to the art assets. Also, Mekorama's music is procedural, so only the samples are stored on disk.

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